Mission & Values

Our Mission

To be responsible for developing, accepting and recognizing philanthropy in support of Rady Children's Hospital-San Diego and its subsidiary corporations.

Our Values

We are honored that so many in our community choose to support Rady Children’s and we live by our values every day:


We are committed to accepting responsibility by being responsive, taking initiative, following through and working efficiently and ethically as we raise, recognize, receipt and channel philanthropic support contributed to our hospital. We are committed to upholding our fiduciary and ethical responsibilities to the highest of standards for donors, trustees, volunteers, our community and the media.  


We will celebrate every philanthropic and volunteer contribution we receive in the spirit in which it is given, with sincere gratitude, crafting our response to meet the individual needs, desires and interests of each contributor.  


We will be a leader in our community in promoting the philanthropic spirit by imparting learning and knowledge through the media and all internal and external communication strategies.


We strive to achieve extraordinary results through outstanding efforts and to go above and beyond to find the best practices in everything we do.


We will provide forthright answers to all inquiries from the community and the media – always striving to meet the needs of those requesting information about our programs, services and operations.  


We are committed to providing appropriate recognition by acknowledging the achievements, service, and contributions of our donors and volunteers, utilizing internal and external communications, and established donor recognition programs.


We are committed to honoring and valuing the individuality and privacy of our patients, donors, trustees, volunteers and community, and showing regard for their contributions to our mission.


We believe in the full, accurate and timely disclosure of information, which provides our community and the media with a greater understanding of Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego.