Helping Other Kids, One Slime at a Time

In the fourth grade, Aloha Espiritu signed up for her school’s entrepreneur fair. Participants would attend classes after school for eight weeks to learn about running a business, contracts, and profit and loss. They would also start and run their own profitable business. Aloha’s business idea? Slime.

She was conservative her first year, making just 80 units to sell at the fair. But her product flew off the shelf and by the end of the first hour, she was completely sold out. The budding entrepreneur jumped into action and took pages and pages of back orders for later delivery. Aloha went home and immediately rolled up her sleeves to make hundreds more slimes. She personalized each with the buyer’s favorite color and delivered them to his or her classroom. Her customers were overjoyed. And so was she, because as a participant in the entrepreneur fair, she was allowed to keep her profits. But instead, she chose to give all of her net proceeds to help kids at Rady Children’s—all $411.

The following year Aloha sold out again but nearly doubled her profits, giving $800 to the Hospital. This coming year—her final year in the fair—Aloha plans to donate to Rady Children’s again, in honor of a family friend who receives frequent treatment for a central nervous system disorder. She was recently recognized by Rady Children’s and given a gold kite pin as a thank you.

“What is the most important thing to me through all of this?” Aloha says. “The kite pin from Rady Children’s. Do you know how many kids are being helped because of this pin? It really means a lot to me.”