SDSU Aztec Dance Marathon

Aztec Dance Marathon is a year-round student organization at San Diego State University and one of the 350 Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) Hospitals dance marathon programs across the nation. The goal of Aztec Dance Marathon is to raise money and awareness for the many children battling life-threatening illnesses and injuries at their local CMN hospital. In San Diego, that hospital is Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego.

Once a year, Aztec Dance Marathon holds its largest event, a 15-hour long dance marathon to celebrate the money raised and the impact made on local families. Students dance for the entire time to show their dedication to Rady Children’s and honor the sleepless nights of many of our patient families. Not only is the event full of fun, dancing, games, food and prizes, but students also have the opportunity to meet children who have been treated at Rady Children’s and hear their stories. For everyone involved, this is a life-changing event, as they gain perspective of the challenges that sick and injured children face every day.

Aztec Dance Marathon formed in the fall of 2014. Its first 15-hour dance event, held in the spring of 2015, raised more than $40,000 for Rady Children’s. This year’s event, held in February, raised $84,140.68 for the hospital.

The event has become the largest philanthropic event on the SDSU campus, which has quickly garnered support from students and the larger San Diego community.

“As the founder of Aztec Dance Marathon, I know our hard work will benefit each child affected by a pediatric injury or illness at Rady Children’s Hospital,” says Emily Carper, executive director of Aztec Dance Marathon. “As Rady Children’s is the largest children’s hospital in the state, it is my wish that with our efforts, we can raise enough money and awareness so that no child has to dance alone.”