The Mikey Show

All morning radio DJs talk the talk, but it takes a special person to also walk the walk. That’s just what The Mikey Show host Mike Esparza does to support of Rady Children's Autism Discovery Institute (ADI).

Every year, Mikey and his team go on-air for 28 hours straight to raise money for Rady Children's. The annual “MikeyThon” is a 28-hour commercial-free version of their daily morning show. Beginning at 6 a.m., they broadcast from the FM 94/9 studios in Mission Valley, without break, until 10 a.m. the following day. The continuous broadcast raises money and builds awareness for the ADI.

Mikey was inspired to give back to Rady Children’s after his now 4-year-old son, Jake, was diagnosed with Autism. “This is so personal for me and our Mikey Show Family,” says Mike. “We hope to have a positive impact on other families who have children with autism.” With such an important goal, he and his team happily forgo a night of sleep to help out a great cause.

Over the last four years, Mikey Show listeners have helped to raise more than $90,000, supporting Rady Children’s in our quest for finding better diagnosis and treatment protocol and, eventually, a cure for autism spectrum disorder.