Costco Wholesale

 COSTCO Wholesale has been a partner of Rady Children’s since 1995. Today, Costco is Rady Children’s number one corporate sponsor, raising more than $1 Million annually in the month of May alone!

Their employees are dedicated to supporting Rady Children’s through the Miracle Month of May campaign. Each warehouse offers a multitude of fundraisers throughout the month of May. These include selling paper “Miracle Balloons” to members and local businesses; hosting businesses shows in which local businesses make a donation to Rady Children’s and in return promote products and services at Costco; warehouse employee fundraisers, a mother-daughter tea luncheon, spring gala and annual vendor/employee golf tournament. The golf tournament alone raises more than $300,000 annually! Costco’s National Office also makes a corporate match for all funds raised locally.

Costco is dedicated to keeping San Diego’s kids healthy and safe. Their annual contributions are used to support the greatest needs through the Patient Care Fund at Rady Children’s.

“Raising funds for Rady Children's is a special honor for all of us at COSTCO Wholesale because it is truly a team effort. Our employees and members are reaching out to make a difference in the lives of children.” – Bob Hicok, Senior Vice President