Anna Mae and Erwin Forman

Generous Gift Will Cultivate Healing

 Anna Mae Forman was good with her hands. She was an accomplished seamstress who gifted her numerous nieces and nephews with gorgeous handmade clothing and quilts. She was also an avid gardener, spending hours beautifying her Bird Rock home's gardens.

"She would send seeds from her garden to me in the hopes that they would grow in my Colorado garden," said Ann Wallace, Anna Mae's niece. "I tried everything but could not get flowers to grow like she did."

It was Anna Mae's desire that when she and her husband Erwin passed, their estate of nearly $2 million be equally divided between Rady Children's highest and most urgent needs and Rady Children's fFamily vViolence programs Project, part of at Rady Children's Chadwick Center for Children and Families. In her own way she was planting seeds to cultivate help and healing for Rady Children's patients and families for many years to come.

Married for 65 years, the Formans grew up in St. Louis, Missouri. In the 1950's Anna Mae and Erwin moved to San Diego, following one of Anna Mae's brothers who had moved here earlier. They purchased a lot in Bird Rock, built their home and made a good life for themselves.

Anna Mae spent many years as a volunteer at Rady Children's. Not having children of her own, Anna Mae enjoyed interacting with the patients and families at the hospital.

"She was just a warm, outgoing and lovely lady," said WallaceAnn. "She really loved her time volunteering at the hospital."