Jim Greenbaum

 “Making money wasn’t so difficult,” says Jim Greenbaum, “This changing the world stuff is what’s hard.”

Through the James R. Greenbaum Jr. Family Foundation, Jim is making changes through his commitment to causes across the globe.

Jim first began supporting Rady Children’s through the Rancho Santa Fe Unit of Rady Children’s Hospital Auxiliary. His most recent $500,000 gift is designated to the Pavilion, helping ensure that children right here will always get superior care.

Tikkun Olam, the Hebrew directive to repair the world, is his inspiration, as are his own seven children. While impressed with Rady Children’s, Jim was also struck by how under-funded its programs were in comparison to similar institutions nationwide.

While he says he would never presume to tell people how to spend their money, he says gently of the hospital, “We need Rady Children’s,” and adds, as many parents do, “God willing, I’ll never need it for my children.”