Lianna and Bennett Treitler

Lianna Treitler started small. Literally.

Once a preemie in the NICU, she has grown into a creative and caring young girl who wants to give back to her community.

Now a healthy 12-year-old, Lianna is already an experienced Jr. Miracle Maker. Those efforts started small, too. When she was just 9, she rented a booth at the Family Swap Meet and raised $500 selling her gently used baby clothes, homemade hair clips and Capri Sun coin pouches. By that fall, she and her Mom organized a holiday shopping boutique at their house where she sold her duct tape wallets to friends. Like Lianna herself, those efforts have grown. At the third annual boutique in 2013, she raised more than $2,000!

When elected Stewardship Chair for her school's Student Council, Lianna organized Kids' NewsDay newspaper sales, a holiday toy drive and a clothing drive for the Clothes Closet at Rady Children’s, not to mention collecting hundreds of items for hygiene kits.

She’s also proven herself to be quite the inspiration. Her little brother, Bennett, raised more than $500 for Rady Children’s doing exactly what he loves to do: playing baseball. During his little league season, he collected $.50 to $1 for every hit from a group of family and friends.

The Treitlers prove that little beginnings can make a big difference.