Volunteer Self Assessment

The hospital is often a fast-paced and emotionally charged environment. The families we serve are likely in a time of great stress and uncertainty and require the support of individuals who have both the good intentions and adequate preparation to be able to help them. We ask that you take the time to ask yourself the following questions to determine the best fit for your service.

Please select the statements that sound most like you:

Section One

  • I have time available and I would like to give back.
  • I have given careful consideration to my schedule and I can firmly commit to volunteering at RCHSD.
  • I understand that volunteering is as important as a work commitment.
  • I am able to treat my volunteer time with the same respect as I would my work time.
  • I am aware that the children I see in the hospital may be in pain, severely sick or injured.
  • I am comfortable working with children who may be experiencing physical or emotional discomfort.
  • I am comfortable taking direction from the medical staff with whom I will work.
  • I am interested in working in the medical field and I hope to gain experience to make sure the hospital is the best fit for me.
  • I enjoy working in a changing environment, taking on new assignments based on the needs of the people around me.
  • I am comfortable making repeated trips to RCHSD to complete the volunteer preparation process, including interviewing, medical check-ups, orientations and trainings.

Section Two

  • I am hoping that my volunteer experience will lead to a job or internship position at RCHSD.
  • I need to fill my time. I like to be busy.
  • I hope to use this volunteer opportunity as a chance to expand my social circle and meet other like-minded people.
  • I hope to use my volunteer experience as a way to work through the loss of a loved one.
  • My work/school schedule is in transition and I want to use this free time to be helpful.
  • Even though I may be concerned about committing to a set time to volunteer, it is important to me to be able to say I volunteer at Rady Children's Hospital.


If the majority of your responses are from Section One, we invite you to explore the possibility of becoming a hospital volunteer. If the majority of your responses are from Section Two, you may wish to consider joining a RCHSD Auxiliary Unit or volunteering for a special event to benefit RCHSD.